A Word From Our Pastors:

We, Pastors Kenneth and Phyllis Sturgill have a deep longing in our hearts to pursue truth and know the blessings and ways of God's Kingdom. The Holy Spirit spoke to us at the beginning of our founding in 1987 to name our church Spirit and Truth Worship Center.

Truth is the single most important entity we can possess. Truth, Word, Torah and Jesus are synonymous. It is truth that liberates and frees us. (John 8:32) Everything that is not truth is a lie and is false. The measure of truth we allow in our lives is the measure of freedom we experience. The same principle applies to the negative. The measure of the false we allow in our lives is the measure of bondage we experience. Everything that exists now, exists because of pursuit of truth. All of us are who we are and have what we have according to the measure of truth that we know and walk in. No truth or little truth stops the forward progress of deeper truth. If Jesus is the truth, which He is, and His depth and heights cannot be measured, then when we stop pursuing truth we become locked into a limitation of existence. This level of existence is short of completeness or maturity of whatever is being developed. This consists of the totality of everything in the three realms of life: (1) Psyche or Thought Life, (2) Moral or Social Life, (3) Physical Life.

Look at the development of aerodynamics, for example. The Wright brothers pursued the truth that existed in the process of aerodynamics and developed a plane that flew a short distance. If they had accepted the theory that this truth was complete at that level, then we would be living and existing in bondage of limitation of that level of truth. However, others pursued the deeper truth of aerodynamics and pushed this truth to a deeper level and we now have space ships going to other planets.

We live and function on the level of truth that we have in our lives. It does not matter how brilliant the reasoning is, it will come to wrong conclusions if it does not start with a foundation of truth. So, since truth is the standard for all things and the reality and totality of all things, are we being, doing, living and having the fullness of God's Kingdom in truth?

Our prayer for you is that you will pursue truth with all your heart. May you halakah, walk in fullness, with the truth until you become one with the truth. Amen.